White Papers

Get Cloud Ready: A Proactive Approach to Data Security for Cloud-Based Testing and Development

Cloud technology continues to grow in popularity and offers organizations a proven way to create efficiencies in their IT operations. Despite the compelling advantages, there still exist significant issues that need to be considered before a move to the cloud should be undertaken.This white paper explores these challenges from the perspective of ensuring data that is moved to the cloud is protected. It illustrates these challenges through real-life Camouflage client experiences, and provides recommendations on how to successfully integrate a masking solution for the cloud.

Healthcare and Compliance with HIPAA

In this solution brief, learn how the Camouflage Xpert™ suite aids your compliance initiative in each section of the act that applies, and the cost associated with being non-compliant.

Financial Services and Compliance with GLBA and PCI DSS

Discover how the Camouflage Xpert™ suite finds and protects sensitive financial and credit card data to aid compliance with legislation such as GLBA and PCI DSS.

Data Masking Best Practice

Four Steps in Making Data Masking a Reality The Camouflage Data Masking Best Practice is a four phase methodology designed for evaluating and implementing a data masking solution. It’s a logical process created to Discover, Design, Develop and Deploy appropriate data masking configurations to protect sensitive information. It will help you identify key data masking milestones, estimate human capital required for data masking, and the timeframe needed to implement data masking within a typical enterprise.

A Beginner’s Guide to Data Masking

Getting Started With Protecting Sensitive Data Explore how data masking can help organizations defend themselves against data breaches by de-identifying sensitive information contained in non-production environments. This white paper explains what data masking is, why organizations should mask their data, and the considerations that should be taken before deciding on a data masking solution for your enterprise.

PCI Compliance and Data Masking

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a vital requirement for organizations that accept payment cards online or offline. In November 2013, The PCI Security Standards Council released the latest version (version 3.0) of PCI DSS and outlines twelve specific requirements that establish a wide range of technologies needed. This white paper will walk you through the updates in PCI DSS version 3.0, as it relates to data masking, as it remains a prominent solution option in three distinct requirements for enterprises.