Overcoming challenges for safe data sharing

Organizations are faced with a two-sided challenge when it comes to application testing and development: balancing the complexities and risk around data security against the business need for usable, realistic data.

Data needs to be shared, but that can put it into the hands of consultants, vendors, and IT teams, increasing the risk of data breaches. Too many organizations duplicate data sets, leading to vulnerabilities:

  • Breakdown of structures protecting privacy
  • Increased likelihood unauthorized persons may access to the data
  • Susceptibility to external hackers

Your solution in disguise

Camouflage data masking products and services ensure your protection.

  • Patented software transforms your data, so even if it’s leaked or hacked, it’s meaningless to the unauthorized party.
  • It looks and behaves just like actual data allowing you to safely conduct application testing and development, quality assurance, research and analysis, or even outsourcing services.
  • Helps you comply with industry standards and legislation.